Ieva Raudsepa

It Could Just Swallow You Up
12 minutes, loop, 2019
Actors: Frederiks Anosovs, Sabīne Marija Cveiģele, Elizabete Šatalova
Cinematographer: Reinis Aristovs
Producer: Madara Grīsle
Soundtrack : Miķelis Putniņš

The semi-fictional, semi-documentary video piece It Could Just Swallow You Up takes place on the ferry going in between Riga and Stockholm. The three main characters are looking for their fourth friend, who went outside for a smoke, but now seems to be lost in a place where it is not possible to get lost. The ferry provides all kinds of amusement - karaoke, an evening show with a flamboyant dance performance, gambling halls, a daily lottery, and a disco hall, and the main characters of the video get lost in all of the entertainment. Scenes of them carelessly enjoying themselves are intertwined with the repetition of a staged dialogue about their missing friend.

The video was created in dialogue with the launch of the book CRUISE, ISSP Gallery, July 2019.


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