Ieva Raudsepa

22 min, loop, 2019
Leading actress : Abigail Stanton

Endless is an attempt to make a film about an actress going on a road trip. The video consists of both the audition for the part and documentation of the trip itself. On the trip the actress Abigail plays her part as Abigail, the actress, and Abigail, the person. The video is a loop – the trip is never ending, something like an endless search for the real. Exploiting the clichéd notion of a road trip, there is a moment in the video when the crew reaches the Grand Canyon. As a key symbol of epic landscape, the Grand Canyon experience contains the promise of monumentality and the promise of what is beyond the everyday of the real – what is more than the motels, gas stations, diners, fast food restaurants we see for the most of the trip. 

(if interested, e-mail me for a link to the video)


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